Nouveautés – News !!!

Dear INSANE friend

Here are some news about the latest releases from some INSANE bands :

First of all, a really great one : LP “BENEFIT”, the reissue on vinyl of a cassette of BeNe GeSSeRiT; the German label PSYCHOFON did it perfectly : the sound is thick, full, with dynamics … they hired a super technician who did not compress the sound too much and did not took off bass frequencies, respect the high ones and …. Kept my stereo intact (many of actual so called technicians reduced my stereo for obscure reasons in recent vinyl releases ) . Unfortunately, this is a very limited edition of 100 numbered black vinyl copies and 100 numbered glorious and gorgeous fluorescent red orange ones… they spent lots of money with color cover sleeve, labels, insert and obi , making the same design as the cassette…. I strongly recommend you this item, a perfect example of what a good vinyl release should be :

There is also the vinyl compilation LP including a CD, the 4in1 volume 5 , featuring BeNe GeSSeRiT, M.A.L. , HUMAN FLESH and I SCREAM ; the LP has a color cover sleeve, a nice insert, and the CD contains 4 unreleased bonus tracks ; it is an edition of 300 copies at a very friendly price!

Besides, I decided to release a cd-only version of this compilation with a different (and totally hand-made) cover sleeve + insert, for the clever audiophile persons : the sound is at 100% the same as the sound of my master tape, and I took great care in the making of the cover sleeve, using a nice cardboard (imported from the USA) and a hand-made stamp giving texture …it is a numbered edition of 120 copies

Now, a sort of an alien in my musical production : “High Voltage and Uncontrolled “ ,the vinyl LP of SIC in which I played bass synth and wrote lyrics for 14 of the 19 songs : it is angry new wave / punk music , very quick and enjoyable, with real drums and the two people of the SIC version of the 80’s , Micheline Dufert and Francis Pourcel ; nice black and white cover sleeve, color insert and color labels ; the label , BELGIAN WAFFLES did it very well, but the record is very badly distributed and was not promoted at all : your only chance to get it is to buy it here

There are still two releases from SUB ROSA with serious vinyl pressings and nice cover sleeves :

The first one is : “Next One’s Called … by PSEUDO CODE , probably the last release from the band ; it comes in translucent green vinyl. I really love the program, a bit in the spirit/style of the EUROPA LP–pseudocode.html

The second one is from KOSMOSE , the first band I played into : the vinyl version is an LP in clear vinyl (350 copies) featuring the first part of a concert who took place in Charleroi in 1975 ; it is named “ First Time Out” and have incredible international reviews ; the double CD version features the whole event and is practically 2 hours long , including a presentation of the band (in French) , a poem in Wallon (the dialect of the area) and two cosmic / industrial performances.

Again, I decided to personalize the version in sale from me : the vinyl version has in bonus an exact copy of the poster and sheet of advertisement announcing the concert (signed by the musicians for the vinyl version) and the CD version has a size reduced poster and sheet…Only available by ordering directly to!

I would like to attract your attention on an excellent record which was not very well promoted ; it is the KOSMOSE record I prefer : “Some Little Trips To Our Fluorescent Land”; try it since it is still available, it could become a “classic”!!

And, last but not least, the superb work of M.A.L. “My Sixteen Little Planets” on SUB ROSA which comes with 8 tracks on vinyl LP and 16 tracks on CD ; an incredible trip on magic guitars, cosmic and experimental with an unique vintage sound

Well, that’s all for now; please, always keep in mind that the labels NEED YOU in order to go on releasing new stuff… In buying directly from them or from the musicians, you help them more than you can think

I wish you the best for 2019

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